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TPE Solutions Inc. (TPES,Inc) is a world class developer and distributor of various kinds (chemistry) of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE).

Founded by Jonas Angus, a TPE veteran for over 30 years, TPE Solutions Inc. can help you with your TPE requirements.

Irrespective of your application or end use, TPE Solutions Inc. can recommend the right kind or grade of TPE to “ Best Fit “ your specific application

TPE Solutions Inc. can offer the following Thermoplastic Elastomer compounds:

bulletNexPrene® EPDM/PP based TPVs manufactured by Solvay Engineered Polymers
bulletStyrenic Block Copolymers : SBS & SEBS
bulletThermoplastic PolyUrethanes : TPU
bulletChlorinated Polyolefin : Alcryn® manufactured by Advance Polymer Alloys
bulletCopolyester elastomers : COPE

TPES,Inc can also supply custom color concentrates (masterbatch) for all the above TPEs.

At TPES,Inc you can count on the following:

bulletQuick, reliable customer Service
bulletOne on one personal approach
bulletHigh Quality TPE Compounds
bullet25 years plus experience in formulating, engineering, part design, field tech service, marketing, sales, customer care and business development.

Technical/Sales Contact :

President: Jonas Angus
Phone: 978-425-3033
Mobile: 978-866-3501
Email :


3 Patterson Rd
Shirley, MA 01464

TPES Bldg.


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3 Patterson Rd Shirley, MA 01464

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